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Summer Travel Plans? We’ve Got You Booked

by Kathleen Kase, Acquisitions Librarian

Summer travel. We look forward to it with months of anticipation. And it builds memories that inspire us all year-long.

Ready to explore destinations? The Library is an excellent place to do just that. Whether it’s near or far, you can lose yourself in the rows upon rows of travel guides. Names like DK Eyewitness, Fodor’s, Frommer’s, and Lonely Planet have exceptional reputations as quality go-to sources to help you navigate choices in lodging, dining, and those oh-so-many activities.

Summer travel can also mean backpacking in sunshine and camping under the stars. We’ve got camping and wilderness guides to prepare you for days well-spent in your favorite national parks—or places you’re visiting for the first time.

Sure—browsing the Internet can be effective. But by itself, the Internet can also be overwhelming—and sometimes misleading. Travel guides help focus your search—and there’s always a thrill to searching those big fold-out maps that many guidebooks contain.

When your destination is planned and the car is packed, the Library’s wide selection of audiobooks can make your road trips all the more enjoyable. How about listening to a novel along your next interstate drive? Or a kids’ book for the family to hear aloud? Getting there will be as much fun as being there.

Interspersed within all those traditional CD-audiobooks are digital audiobooks called Playaways. These are audiobooks too, but with an entire book contained on a portable handheld MP3 player. Playways can be enjoyed through your car stereo with a simple adaptor. They’re also light enough to take with you, complete with earbuds, on your walking tour or faraway hike.

And where you travel, the Library travels with you. Thanks to Digital Collections. That’s especially amazing when you consider these collections contain over 600,000 items: digital books, audiobooks, movies, music, TV shows, and comic books. All that—and it won’t weigh down your pack or force you to check an extra bag at the airport. Digital collections are 24/7 and accessible from anywhere with your Library card.

Now through August 3, you can log your reading minutes online—even while on vacation. There are great prizes for all ages, and you’ll help us reach the community goal of 238,900 total minutes.

What if you simply can’t get away this summer? We’ve still got you covered. You can travel in comfort each week—armchair style—through this summer’s Our Wonderful World line-up. Next destination: Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula on Tuesday, June 18 at 7 pm—held in the lower level of the Estes Valley Community Center. Register at so we can save you a seat!

Summer travel is joyous. But it’s also nice to come home—especially when that home is the Estes Valley. And with a trip to the Library, you can start dreaming again through all those books in the travel section.