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Diana3Voices from the Newsroom: Experts Discuss Today’s News Environment

by Diana Laughlin, Tech Literacy Librarian

Last month, the Estes Valley Library launched a conversation around a timely topic. What is “fake news”? Is it something new, or as old as journalism itself? And how can we feel confident that the information we’re receiving is accurate, reliable and fair?

There was a tremendous response to the first program, with over a hundred people filling the Town Hall Board Room. Now we’re ready to continue the dialogue on this important topic.

We invite you to join us Thursday, March 8 from 4:30 to 6 pm for “Insights from the Experts: a Panel Discussion on Today’s Media.”

To make sure we have plenty of seating—and to connect with young people in our community—please note the new location: the Estes Park High School Auditorium. Click here to register to attend.

Last fall, when we learned our Library was one of only five libraries in the U.S. to receive a Media Literacy grant for this project from the American Library Association, we began reaching out. We contacted people with diverse perspectives–those working at news outlets, those teaching future journalists. By bringing these experts together, maybe we could better understand why and how the news gets presented as it does. Like you, we want to be wiser news consumers, able to analyze and critique what we hear, see, and read.

Fast forward to March 2018: we’re delighted to welcome a roster of five key panelists and a guest facilitator who will bring the dialogue to the next chapter.

From the world of media, we welcome Erin O’Toole, Assistant News Director at KUNC and a very familiar voice in northern Colorado. Joining O’Toole is Polly Washburn, a longtime reporter recently with the Denver Post. And from our local news scene, we welcome Mike Romero, publisher of the Estes Park Trail Gazette.

What about those teaching the reporters of tomorrow? Joining us is Andrew Matranga, assistant Teaching Professor in the University of Denver’s Media, Film & Journalism Department. And what about information that comes from our local government? Providing that perspective will be Kate Rusch, Public Information Officer for the Town of Estes Park.

Finally, our special guest facilitator is Dr. Martín Carcasson, the founder of CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation.

That makes for six fascinating people all on one stage. Two panelists, Washburn and Matranga, even have experience covering the Colorado cannabis industry and will share these unique insights.

We’ll hear from each of these panelists as they offer thoughts on the key challenges and opportunities of today’s news environment. But the conversation is not complete there. We hope to field many of your questions at this very special event in our mountain village.

If you missed our first “Fake News 101” program featuring Dr. Elizabeth Skewes from the University of Colorado, watch the video and slides by clicking this “News Literacy” link. You’ll find some great additional resources, including the Read Across the Aisle app for iOS and Chrome.

Please join us on March 8. As a community, we’ll be all the wiser for it.