Live and in-person. Costumed performers present original monologues, based on reading and research. Final 2022 performance: Sat., April 9 at 4 PM.

Local students in the Young Chautauqua program have been busy researching characters from history. Using costumes and props, they are ready to take on the role of their selected historic figure, delivering a first-person in-character monologue. All they need now is an audience.

This year’s performances are back, live and in-person in the Library’s Fireside Theater.

Final performances is: Saturday, April 9 from 4 to 6 PM. No sign-up is necessary to attend.

Using the traditional format, each Chautauqua performer will appear in character to deliver a brief monologue about their life. Next, they will take questions from the audience in character, and conclude by stepping out of character to take questions from their perspective as the performer.

Katherine Dumont from Estes Park Schools has been mentoring students in the process. This program is co-sponsored by the Estes Valley Library. Support is made possible through the Library Friends & Foundation, and specifically through a Memorial Fund from longtime Estes Park resident and Young Chautauqua enthusiast, the late Katie Speer.

Here is the roster for the final performance on April 9:

Saturday, April 9 Performers

  • Mya as Mother Jones
  • Marcus as Nicola Tesla
  • Sophia as Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Bethy as Eliza Hamilton
  • Vittoria as Kurt Cobain
  • Clara as Lise Meitner