Makerspace March

Close-up of a sewing machine foot creating embroidered designs on dark fabric

Like many visitors and long-time locals, my first impression of the Estes Valley was one of awe and inspiration. I first arrived in Estes Park on foot, emerging from Rocky Mountain National Park’s peaks after a long backpacking trip up and over the Continental Divide. I’d seen my first moose in the wild, fished alpine lakes, and breathed air atop the world. After all that, arriving in such a welcoming community was the perfect way to top it all off. Immediately, I knew I wanted to come back and stay awhile.

Five years later, my family and I have done just that. We moved to Estes Park, and while exploring town, I discovered the Library’s incredible resources. I’d never seen a Makerspace inside a library before, let alone one with such talent and resources. I was hooked, discovering new hobbies: soldering small electronics like radios and robots, painting my own 3D-printed miniatures, and laser-cutting environments for display. Until discovering the Makerspace, I’d never set aside time to pursue these interests.

I was able to build my confidence at our Library’s second-floor Makerspace, and you can too. If the Makerspace idea is new to you as it was for me, its purpose is in the name: this is a space for making. There’s something here for all skill levels and a wide variety of interests. And for all ages! Under 15? Bring a parent or caregiver. Not everything is as technologically advanced as a laser cutter or 3D printer; there are sewing machines, hand tools, and even supplies for creating jewelry or scrapbooking.

There are countless possibilities for learning and creativity, on your own or with fellow makers. I’ve found incredible talent and experience in this community, cheerfully shared, and the Makerspace is perfect for collaborating. Did you know we have Makerspace Guides scheduled many days throughout the week? These dedicated volunteers are happy to show you around and share their unique expertise.

Recently, patrons have designed automated solar panel sun-trackers, engraved custom business logos on promotional items, and shared the joy of discovery that comes with finding a new hobby and getting better at it. Doing things on your own not only builds your confidence, it can save you time and money. You don’t have to be a creative expert, but you might just become one. It’s a great way to connect with a larger community!

Now is a perfect time to connect! It’s Makerspace March: a signature celebration of the space, the resources, and the people you’ll meet there. There are workshops and activities almost every day this month. Click Here to see the listings, then sign up–in person or online.

The Makerspace was built by local enthusiasm: those generous donors to the Library Friends & Foundation. We’re grateful for their vision.            

Many of us, including me, first came here for the mountains and stayed for the strong sense of community. I hope you’ll join us in the Makerspace during March–and beyond. Let’s imagine, collaborate, and innovate together

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