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Apply to the Board of Trustees

Estes Valley Library Board of Trustees

Trustees are volunteers, jointly appointed by the Estes Park Town Trustees and Larimer County Commissioners to govern the independent Estes Valley Public Library District.  Trustees serve four-year terms. The Board works to maintain unity of purpose among its members. It delegates authority and accountability to the library director who operates under Board policies.

The Board has legal authority and responsibility to:

  • Adopt and oversee the budget
  • Develop and adopt policies
  • Conduct strategic planning
  • Hire and evaluate the library director

General qualifications:

  1. At least 18 years of age and be a resident within the Library’s legal service area.
  2. Genuine interest in public libraries and importance of the library in their community
  3. Commits the time that is necessary to carry out the duties of a Trustee
  4. Understands the local community, its social and cultural needs, and willing to communicate those needs to the Board
  5. Invests in making the library relevant for the 21st century
  6. Able to work with others – the Board, library director, and members of the library support organization – to reach a common goal
  7. Open-minded, intellectually curious, and respectful of the opinions of others
  8. Courage to withstand pressures, prejudice, and provincialism that would restrict or prevent equal library service to all
  9. Able to plan creatively and to direct the effective implementation of those plans
  10. Willing to activate conversations about the library’s importance in community infrastructure and in the community’s future

Desirable Background and Experience

  • Involvement in community organizations
  • An understanding of local government operations and policy governance
  • An interest in long-range planning
  • Candidates should become familiar with the bylaws, code of ethics, policies and strategic plan of the Library prior to applying for a vacancy.

Regular Board Meetings

  • The Board meets twice a month
  • 1st Thursday of the month afternoon study session, and
  • 3rd Monday of the month evening regular meeting.
  • Committee tasks occur between meeting.

Watch this short video for more information about the Library, its staff and trustees.

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