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Purchasing Guidelines For Authors

The library purchases books published by commercial publishers that fit the library’s selection criteria and priorities for selection. We also may acquire self-published books or e-books when they include content that fits the library’s collection and meets our selection criteria. Due to budget, staff, and time constraints, we are generally unable to meet with individual authors.

E-books must be available through our established e-book partners to be considered. The Estes Valley Library does not have the ability to host e-books on our technology platforms.

Selection is based on a positive review in one or more of the major library review journals (Library Journal, Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, etc.) or major local publications like the Denver Post. This is the best way to bring a title to our attention. We are more likely to consider the addition of a self-published title if it has been reviewed in a major review journal or a local major publication.

You may also bring your book to our attention by:


Contact the Collection Development Department using the Contact Us page – please include:

  • Basic information about your book: title, author, ISBN, publisher, date of publication, number of pages, price.
  • Link to your book’s website and links to reviews of other coverage in the news media if available.
  • Brief description of your book and its intended audience and information about how or where to buy it.


Please do not send a review copy. We are not able to return any review copies. Send a flier or promotional materials to:

Estes Valley Library
Attn: Acquisitions Depart.
PO Box 1687
Estes Park, CO 80517

Due to the volume of submissions, we are not always able to notify an author if an item has been added to the collection or not. You may always check our catalog to see if your book is listed.

Review Copies

If a review copy is sent it will NOT be returned and it is subject to our collection criteria. If it is added to the collection it will appear in our catalog. Materials that are not selected will be repurposed: resold for fundraising, recycled or put to other uses.

Adapted from Jefferson County Public Library’s purchasing guidelines.

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