If you have searched our catalog and the item or items you are looking for are not available there are a couple ways we can fulfill your request:

Suggest a Purchase

If you would like an item added to the library’s collection you may suggest we purchase the title.

Suggest A Purchase

Interlibrary Loan

NOVEMBER 2020:  Interlibrary Loan is transitioning to a new search catalog. The SWIFT system is being phased out, as we shift to a new catalog called Prospector. There may be a brief interruption in the ability to place requests. Watch this page for updates in the days ahead. Email us at answers@estesvalleylibrary.org if you have questions.

Please note that Interlibrary Loan arrival times may be slower than normal at this time, due to limited hours at certain locations and the quarantine time for returned materials.

Library card holders can request materials from other libraries using the Prospector system. Please refer to the Interlibrary Loan Policy for additional information.

ILL Request

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take?  It takes an average of 10 days.
  • How many items can I request?  Up to seven (7) may be active at one time.
  • How much does it cost?  Requests filled within Colorado are free. Requests filled out of state cost $5 each and require patron’s pre-approval of payment before processing.
  • What types of items are not available through Interlibrary Loan?  Items owned by the Estes Valley Library, best sellers, new releases, and most downloadable items.
  • How will I know my item has arrived?  You will be notified by phone or e-mail when the item arrives.
  • How long is the loan period?  21 days for books; 7 days for dvd’s and audiobooks.
  • Can I renew my interlibrary loan?  Books can be renewed once. All other materials are non-renewable.
  • What if I cannot find what I want in PROSPECTOR?  Complete the Suggest a Purchase Form, and we will search for the item for you.

Book Club Request

Use this request form if you and your book club members need multiple copies of a title for a future book club discussion.