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Free and open access is foundational to our Estes Valley Public Library District’s (Library) century of service, aligning with Colorado statutes and the First Amendment. In order to achieve an informed citizenry, the Library has a responsibility to include materials on subjects of interest to its readers, and on multiple sides of an issue. 

The Library will make every effort to provide a balanced collection representing diverse viewpoints and interests. Inclusion of content does not constitute endorsement of any particular viewpoint. Further, a work will not be excluded from the Library’s collection solely because it represents a particular aspect of life, because of frankness of expression, or because it is controversial. 

Managing and developing Library content are operational duties within the framework of this policy. Professional staff perform these duties under the direction of the Library Director.

Material Selection & Retention 

The Library seeks to develop an outstanding collection in a variety of formats to fulfill the needs of the residents of the Estes Valley. Patron demand is the most powerful influence on what staff select and retain. Usage data, combined with the following collection criteria, guide selection and retention decisions: 

  • Popularity, represented by requests, circulation statistics, or observed use;
  • Contemporary significance or permanent value;
  • Positive professional reviews;
  • Publication date;
  • Durability of the format for Library circulation; 
  • Price within limits of the budget for materials;
  • Diverse or opposing views on a subject; 
  • Literary and/or artistic merit;
  • Local author, producer, illustrator, or subject;
  • Antiquarian material related to the Estes Valley;
  • Precisión del contenido.

Sugerencias de compra

Library patrons are vital participants in the collection development process. The Library provides a venue to Sugerir una compra using the criteria above.

Any author or publisher that contacts the Library directly to promote their material for inclusion in the collection will be directed to the Directrices de compra para autores.

Material Donations

En aquellas ocasiones en que los materiales sean donados y aceptados por la Biblioteca, estos deberán ser escriturados formalmente a través de la Library Deed of Donation form, which  serves as the donor’s receipt. 

Resource Sharing

It is not possible to collect all that is published. For items not added to the collection, residents have the option to request them through the Library’s Interlibrary Loan service. The Library participates in several cooperative resource sharing networks that expand the range of materials available to patrons. 

Deselection of Materials

Systematic removal of materials according to an established schedule, using the collection criteria outlined above, is required to keep the collection responsive to patron needs, to ensure its vitality and usefulness to the community, and to make room for newer material. Deselection will not be used to remove viewpoints from the collection.

Deselected materials are dispensed with in a variety of ways, including used book sales, recycling programs, and waste disposal.


Para obtener información sobre la dirección de políticas generales de la Junta Directiva para el director y el personal de la biblioteca, se puede encontrar una lista completa de políticas en Sitio web de la biblioteca

The Library has adopted separate policies to address:

This policy rests on the professional principles found in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read, and Freedom to View statements. 

La biblioteca del valle de Estes Política de desarrollo de colecciones was adopted and approved by the Estes Valley Public Library District Board of Trustees on December 10, 2007, revised on June 18, 2012, October 19, 2015 and August 20, 2018, reviewed April 19, 2021, and revised April 15, 2024.

Lynn Lawson, President         Anne Dewey, Secretary


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