Start a Book Lover Legacy of Your Own

An exterior view of a bookshop with large front windows and a flower bed of red poppies.

Cliffhanger Used Books was established in 2019 as a creative answer to a longstanding question: how can the community invest in local literacy through supporting the work of the Estes Valley Library? Today, instead of one used book sale each summer, Cliffhanger is open year round to connect readers with books – and raise funds for expanding Library services.

Since its inception, hundreds of volunteers have made Cliffhanger possible. One trio of sisters, however, is leaving a particularly lasting literary legacy in the Estes Valley. 

Carol, Jill, and Jan have been local library lovers, supporters, and volunteers for decades. Carol Bissell started as a book sale sorter in the early 1990s and later served on the Friends of the Library board. She was even honored as Volunteer of the Year in 2018. While Carol has moved away, you’ll still regularly find Jill Clark and Jan Bloom in the back room of Cliffhanger Used Books, cheerfully sorting the 90,000 used books, DVDs, and CDs that are donated every year. 

 Jill and Jan, alongside other longtime volunteers like Jane Gunn, Connie Leavitt, and Kathy Roth, are integral to making the Cliffhanger (and the Foundation) world go round. 

Decades of Library Love from these women and many other generous do-gooders have elevated the impact of the Friends of the Library Foundation. Beyond volunteering, the pledges of Foundation members support special author events, early literacy programs, new equipment purchases, and much more. 

Ready to create a book lover legacy of your own? 

The Friends of the Library Foundation invites you to join their 2024 membership drive, which will take place February 8-14. Stop by Cliffhanger, 191 Riverside Drive, and meet with staff and board members who will share the many benefits of supporting literacy in the Estes Valley.

Membership is available for individuals ($20 annually), families ($30), and a special category of Library Lovers, whose $100 donation will include a ticket to a special summer event featuring international bestselling author – and Estes Park local – Aimie Runyan. All members receive a 10% discount on all Cliffhanger purchases, as well as access to eight exclusive $1 book sales. 

Stop by to chat, learn more, and sign up for your 2024 membership. Prefer to donate online? Click here.

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