Left, up, A, right, down, B: Video games arrive at the Estes Valley Library

Game controller on a gray background.

When you picture a library, you likely first think of a collection of books. Thick volumes of old classics, shiny covers of new bestsellers… books of all shapes and sizes that patrons can take home, read, and return.

Over time, library collections have expanded to include newspapers and magazines, DVDs and Blurays, and even non-traditional items like musical instruments and cooking equipment. Most recently, libraries have begun adding video games.

As of August 1, local gamers can browse and check out over 50 video games from the Estes Valley Library, including ones for PlayStation 4, xBox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5. Games were selected based on recommendations from tween and teen patrons, as well as based on highly-circulating items at other Colorado libraries. 

“We are very excited to offer patrons of all ages popular games like The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Hogwarts Legacy, Animal Crossing, and more,” said Youth Services Librarian Bre Vegas. “We have even added novel games like Splatoon 3 and Chef Life, a restaurant simulator.”

Why video games? Because they’re just plain fun. Also, research has shown that video games can benefit players of all ages. One study showed that people with dyslexia improved their reading comprehension following gaming sessions heavy on action play. Another study showed that just ten hours of play led to increased cognitive function in participants 50 and older – improvement that lasted for several years.

You can view the collection at the Library’s downtown branch or browse from home by visiting estesvalleylibrary.org/videogames. You can even put a game on hold from the online catalog – just have your library card number handy.

The Estes Valley Library regularly updates and curates our collection to ensure all patrons can find something they’d like to read, watch, use, or play. Check out the new video games and other great items today!

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