Join us this November to celebrate writers, including you!

November is typically dubbed “NaNoWriMo” by the author community, which stands for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a time for writers to commit to crafting 50,000 words toward an eventual novel (or work of their choice). This can be pretty intimidating for someone just starting out! In order to welcome writers of all levels and genres, we’ll be celebrating something a little different this November at the Estes Valley Library. Introducing: “PEN-demonium! A Celebration of Writing.”

PEN-demonium! is intended to promote and celebrate writing in the Estes Valley. This month-long series will include programs for all ages, designed around creating time and space for the written word. The spirit of NaNoWriMo will live on in PEN-demonium!: to help people find their voices, achieve creative goals, and build new worlds both on and off the page.

We’ll kick off the month on November 1 with international best-selling author Aimie Runyan (who happens to be an Estes Park local!). She’ll present both in person and on Zoom about her writing process and journey. Aimie has published six works of historical fiction and is excited to transition into contemporary fiction with her upcoming novel, The Memory of Lavender and Sage. Come with questions! **Note: Due to illness, this presentation is currently being rescheduled to a later date. Stay tuned!**

Make sure to check out the other “Books and Authors” talks (including those presented with the Library Speakers Consortium). Local author and Library staff member Deborah Bouziden will share tips for getting published on November 7. Colorado non-fiction author Johanna Garton will talk about the writing process “from idea to book tour” on November 14, and The Last Professional author Ed Davis will detail his storytelling methods on November 30. 

If you’re a writer yourself, make sure to mark your calendars for two upcoming Sundays: November 6 and November 13. We’ll be hosting write-ins in the Wasson Room with refreshments provided. Grab your journal, notebook, laptop, or even your typewriter and come write alongside other wordsmiths. 

If you’re more of the crafty type, check out the all-ages Makerspace events for PEN-demonium!:

Kids and teens can join the fun with Artwork Wednesdays (making calligraphy and wax seals) on November 16, or creating silhouette word art in the Makerspace on November 5 and November 8. In the Robotics and Tech series, learn about Ozo Bots and writing code on November 19 and November 22.

The littles can enjoy Storybook Explorers on November 12. Early Literacy Librarian Melanie will be reading the National Geographic Kids book, Look and Learn: Patterns, and then making patterns with mini light sticks. Storytime is always a great way to tie some fun in with books and reading!

November is a perfect time to cozy up, get creative, and write a little (or a lot). Celebrate PEN-demonium! with us by attending one of these fun events. Learn more and sign up for programs here.