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Monday–Thursday: 9 AM–8 PM
Friday & Saturday: 9 AM–5 PM
Sunday: 1 PM–5 PM

Print from any device, anywhere to the Library printer

  • Black and white ($0.10/page) and color ($0.25/page) laser printing available
  • Send print jobs from your phone, tablet, or laptop: any device that can connect to the Internet
  • Upload your job to the print portal or send/forward it as an email
  • You don’t need to be on the Library’s WiFi or in the building- send from anywhere, any time. We will hold your print job for 24 hours.
  • No account or library card required
  • Cash and credit/debit cards accepted
  • Release & pay for your job on the second floor of the library during open hours

Option 1: Upload your job to the portal

If your print job is a file (image, PDF, Word or Excel document, or most other common file types), you can send it via the print portal. Any password protected documents cannot be processed.

Option 2: Send an email to the printer

Forward or send an email to:

print@estesvalleylibrary.org (black & white, $0.10/page) or
printcolor@estesvalleylibrary.org (color, $0.25/page)

Our print system will receive your job and send you a confirmation email with a 9-digit release code. Bring the confirmation email or the code to the Library to release and pay for your job.

If your email has text in the body, it will appear as one print job, and any email attachments will be additional print jobs. You can choose which ones you want to print when you come to the Library second floor to pay for your job.

Boarding Passes

If you can take a screenshot of your boarding pass, “print” it as a PDF and save it on your device, or download a copy of the web page your pass is on, you can email it to bw-evl@eprintitsaas.com or color-evl@eprintitsaas.com, or upload it to the estesvalleylibrary.org/printnow portal.
Having trouble? Bring your ticket information, email address, and email password to the Library and our staff will help you send your boarding pass to the Library printer, either from your device or from a public computer.

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