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Monday–Thursday: 9 AM–8 PM
Friday & Saturday: 9 AM–5 PM
Sunday: 1 PM–5 PM

To meet the needs of students and institutions of higher learning, the Estes Valley Library provides exam proctoring services by appointment 7 days a week, during library hours. This service depends on availability of personnel, facilities, and technology. As such, the following responsibilities are set out.

Exams will not be proctored on a walk-in basis.

Many schools require that the library designate a proctor. The designated proctor will:

  • Receive all exam related materials
  • Ensure exam related materials are safeguarded and school guidelines are followed
  • On occasion assign another library staff member to administer the exam, ensuring all guidelines and passwords are communicated
  • Provide the student with the assigned staff member’s contact information
  • Ensure all materials are returned per school guidelines (email, mail, courier service, fax)

Estes Valley Library designated proctors:

Allison Cavis
970-586-8116  ext 822

Brad Maggetti
970-586-8116 ext 823

Student Responsibilities:

  • Contact the designated proctor to request proctoring services. (Email is best.) Provide a time period and your contact information.
  • Relay the designated proctor contact information to your school. Make arrangements with your testing institution to send exam materials/passwords to the designated proctor.
  • Contact the designated proctor to schedule your exam at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Email or call the designated proctor approximately 24 hours prior to your exam to make sure the exam / instructions has arrived at the library.
  • If you need to cancel your exam appointment, please contact the designated proctor and the assigned staff member as far in advance of your appointment as possible.
  • Please call or email the designated proctor regarding any changes that develop.
  • Be prepared to make payment for the shipping of the exam to your school if required.

On the day of your exam:

  • Please arrive promptly at the scheduled time.
  • Bring your photo ID,  payment for printing and mailing, and any other allowable testing materials (e.g., calculator, pen, pencil, notes).
  • Leave other items in your car or at home, as library staff cannot hold items while your exam is being proctored.
  • If you need to take a break while the exam is in progress, please check in with the assigned staff member.

The assigned staff member will:

  • Verify student ID
  • Present exam materials
  • Review exam instructions
  • Monitor students from a distance – The library is unable to provide one-on-one monitoring.
  • Monitor the exam time
  • Provide exam materials and information back to the designated proctor.


  • The Estes Valley Library proctors online and paper exams. Exams should be delivered to the designated proctor via email or mail
  • Completed paper exams may be scanned and emailed as attachments or returned via fax or mail.
  • Copies of exams will not be retained unless the school guidelines request retention, and then only for a maximum of 60 days after which they will be destroyed.
  • The Estes Valley Library does not offer a classroom setting. Our tables and computers are in a public space, and complete quiet and privacy are not always available. A study room close to the assigned staff member administering the exam may be provided if available.
  • No technical support will be provided to students when they are taking an exam on their own computer.

Additional Information:

  • The Estes Valley Library staff will not sign any statement required by the testing institution inconsistent with our procedures or with how the test is administered. If we are unable to proctor your exam for that reason, we will notify you and your school ahead of time.
  • The Estes Valley Library reserves the right to refuse to proctor an exam.
  • The Estes Valley Library cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties arising from the testing institution or library technology.
  • The Estes Valley Library is not responsible for exams that are lost by a postal system or electronically.
  • If a weather event occurs and the library must close, library staff will make every effort to contact the student. However, please check the library website or call the assigned staff member in the event of inclement weather.


The Estes Valley Library does not charge for proctoring. However, the student is liable for any fees associated with exam printing, postage and mailing supplies. The student or testing institution must provide postage and mailing supplies.

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