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Library of Things: Games

Book cover: Cards Against Humanity
A party game for horrible people. Ask questions and answer with your funniest card. Beware, controversy is guaranteed. Up to 8 players ages 17+. Contents: Cards Against Humanity (game), carry case, laminated instructions, kit tag
Book cover: Laser Tag
An action game for up to four players ages 8+. Battle vests track your hit count. Blasters and vests are rechargeable. Contents: ArmoGear Laser Battle laser tag gaming set with docking stations including four blasters and vests (blasters $25/each, vests $25/each), manual, backpack, kit tag
Book cover: Chess & checkers
Play chess and checkers on this folding wooden game board. Game pieces and board are magnetized for playing on the go. Contents: Magnetic wooden chess & checkers set, carry case, kit tag
Book cover: Ticket to Ride
A cross-country train adventure for up to 5 players ages 8+. Compete to connect distant cities and build the longest routes. Contents: Ticket to Ride board game, carry case, kit tag
Book cover: We're Not Really Strangers
A purpose-driven card game for 2-6 players to help you deepen existing relationships and create new ones. Contents: We’re Not Really Strangers card game -- laminated instructions – outer case -- kit tag – pencils and paper (refill)
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