2017 Event Calendar Opens November 2

The library Event Calendar will open to the public on Wednesday, November 2nd.  This means that community organizations can request the use of library meeting space for January through December of 2017; both the Wasson Board Room and the Hondius Community Room will have availability.

Wednesday 02 November
Thursday 27 October
7 PM
Monday 31 October
4 PM - 8 PM
Tuesday 01 November
12 PM - 2 PM
Tuesday 01 November
10:30 AM - 12 PM
 Hondius Room

Retirement Savings Vehicle

Ways to save specifically for that comfortable retirement in the distant or the not too distant future is the topic. The goals are to be proactive, establish the “best-for-you” retirement savings plan, know-how to implement and monitor the plan, and take charge of creating your secure retirement.

Thursday 03 November
7 PM
Friday 04 November
1 PM
Friday 04 November
10 AM - 11:30 AM
 Library Fireplace Corner

Author Event – Just Like Us by Helen Thorpe

Just Like Us is a stunning account of four high school students from Mexico who have grown up in the United States. As they approach adulthood, differences in their immigration status begin to significantly impact their life options. Through this powerful work of journalism, Helen Thorpe provides insight into these vulnerable members of American society and the complicated political and social issues affecting their lives.

Saturday 05 November
1 PM

Intermediate Photo Editing with GIMP

* New * Intermediate * GIMP is a free photo-editing program. We’ll play with intermediate skills, like using a layer mask to brighten and adjust colors on one part of an image and how to remove an object from an image. This class is best for people with basic photo editing experience, like cropping or adjusting colors.

Monday 07 November
5:30 PM - 7 PM