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Mind, Body, May

Book cover: Could you escape a deserted island?
When an adventure at sea goes awry, the reader's choices determine if survival is possible for two friends marooned on a desert island with a deflated raft and few supplies.
Book cover: The Lord of the rings
Frodo makes his way through the darkness to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. Aragon learns of his destiny as the true King and the others prepare for a massive battle that will determine the fate of Middle-Earth.
Book cover: The warlock and the unicorn
"An angry warlock has doomed the people of Flanders to an eternal winter. The only way he will reverse the unending snow and cold is via the gift of a silver unicorn. The problem? No one has ever seen one. Do they even exist? You must decide: do you leave your village to battle the warlock on your own or do you go in search of a silver unicorn?"--
Book cover: Paradise of the damned
"A rollicking ... romp that tells the true story of an obsessive quest [by the English courtier and explorer Sir Walter Raleigh] to find El Dorado, set against the backdrop of Elizabethan political intrigue and a competition with Spanish conquistadors for the legendary city's treasure"--
Book cover: The Martian
Stranded on Mars by a duststorm that compromised his space suit and forced his crew to leave him behind, astronaut Mark Watney struggles to survive in spite of minimal supplies and harsh environmental challenges that test his ingenuity in unique ways.
Book cover: Kondo & Kezumi visit Giant Island
After finding a map in a bottle, best friends Kondo and Kezumi build a boat and set out to explore the islands near their own.
Book cover: Scrapbooking
Contents: Getting started with scrapbooking (book) – carrying case – paper trimmer – large cutting mat with ruler, corner cutter, magnetic tool kit (small cutting mat, magnetic ruler, precision scissors, tweezers, craft knife and brad setter; – 4 rubber stamps – kit tag – project materials to keep: ink pad, adhesive, scrapbooking paper, assorted stickers, mini journal
Book cover: The pizza bible
Shares pizza recipes representative of nine different regional styles, from Neapolitan and Roman thin to Chicago deep-dish and Californian, and reveals secrets for making delicious pizza in home kitchens.
Book cover: The Lord of the rings
In ancient times the Rings of Power were crafted by the Elven-smiths. Sauron, the Dark Lord, forged the One Ring, filling it with his own power so that he could rule all others. But the One Ring was taken from him, and though he sought it throughout Middle-earth still it remained lost to him. After many ages it fell into the hands of the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. On his eleventy-first birthday, Bilbo disappeared, bequeathing to his young cousin, Frodo, the Ruling Ring, and a perilous quest: to journey across Middle-earth, deep into the shadow of the Dark Lord and destroy...

Dawn Wall (DVD)

"In January, 2015, American rock climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson captivated the world with their effort to climb the Dawn Wall, a seemingly impossible 3,000 foot rock face in Yosemite National Park, California. The pair lived on the sheer veritical cliff for weeks, igniting a frenzy of global media attention. But for Tommy Caldwell, the Dawn Wall was much more than just a climb. It was the culmination of a lifetime defined by overcoming obstacles, At the age of 22, the climbing prodigy was taken hostage by rebels in Kyrgyzstan. Shortly after, he lost his index finger in an...
Book cover: Duck hunt
"Sami's family is finally off on a long-planned duck hunting trip in the Boundary Waters. The first few days of hunting are perfect. Then bad weather rolls in. Caught on the lake, Sami and Kathleen's canoe capsizes! Can they right the craft and get to shore?"--Back cover.
Book cover: The darkest white
"From Eric Blehm, the bestselling author of The Last Season and Fearless, comes an extraordinary new book in the vein of Into the Wild, the story of the legendary snowboarder Craig Kelly and his death in the 2003 Durrand Glacier Avalanche-a devastating and controversial tragedy that claimed the lives of seven people. On January 20, 2003, a thunderous crack rang out and a 100-foot-wide tide of snow barreled down the Northern Selkirk Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. More than a dozen skiers and snowboarders were thrust down the mountain, buried beneath several tons of rock-hard snow and ice in the...
Book cover: National Geographic bucket list family travel
"This indispensable guide reveals expert tips for traveling with kids"--
Book cover: Maisy goes on a plane
When she goes to visit her friend Ella, Maisy gets to ride in an airplane for the first time.
Book cover: Kondo & Kezumi reach Bell Bottom
As best friends Kezumi and Kondo continue their exploration, they keep disagreeing about what their next adventure should be but finally remember what matters most--friendship.
Book cover: Atlas of adventures
Presents information about some of the greatest places around the world, from the Grand Canyon to the Great Barrier Reef.
Book cover: Dear Bob and Sue
More than a laugh out loud travel memoir, Dear Bob and Sue: Season 2 will bring to life the joy of discovery, the pure satisfaction of accomplishment, and the humor that comes with experiencing new places and activities. Season 2 is the follow-up to Dear Bob and Sue, a charming and sometimes irreverent chronicle of a middle-aged couple as they visit each of the country's fifty-nine national parks, testing their mettle and stretching their endurance. In their second book of the series, follow Matt and Karen as they work their way around the western United States discovering some of our...
Book cover: The wind in the willows
The escapades of four animal friends who live along a river in the English countryside--Toad, Mole, Rat, and Badger.
Book cover: Terror on the Titanic
Readers are placed in the character of a passenger aboard the Titanic on the night of its fatal sinking, and are challenged to survive by making choices that result in dozens of possible endings.
Book cover: The silver thread
When Moonsilver, the unicorn, is nearly killed by a hunter's arrow, Heart sneaks back into her village to get help from the healer, Ruth Oakes. Rumors of Moonsilver's secret have reached the ears of Lord Dunraven and once again Heart must flee, with Ruth's mysterious fift, a silver thread, to protect her and Moonsilver.
Book cover: Prisoner of the ant people
The reader determines the course of the story of a researcher's fight to defeat the Ant People's plan to conquer the universe.
Book cover: The moth and the mountain
The award-winning journalist and author of Two Hours documents the redemption journey of traumatized Great War veteran Ed Caesar, who in 1933 flew a biplane to Everest to attempt a first solo ascent.
Book cover: Pirates of the Caribbean.
Captain Jack Sparrow finds the winds of ill-fortune blowing even more strongly when deadly ghost pirates led by his old nemesis, the terrifying Captain Salazar, escape from the Devil's Triangle, determined to kill every pirate at sea. His only hope of survival lies in seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, a powerful artifact that bestows upon its possessor total control over the seas.
Book cover: Jumanji (DVD)
Four high school kids discover an old video game console and are drawn into the game's jungle setting, literally becoming the adult avatars they chose.
Book cover: 2001, a space odyssey (Blu-ray)
A space voyage to Jupiter erupts in disaster when the ship's computer goes mad.
Book cover: Breathing underwater
Seventeen-year-old competitive swimmer Tess Cooper grapples with the upheaval of her carefully planned future following an epilepsy diagnosis, and works to get back in the pool despite her doctor's advice or her disctracting feelings for the new guy.

Encyclopedia Brown and the case of th...

Summary: America's Sherlock Holmes in sneakers continues his war on crime in ten more cases, the solutions to which are found in the back of the book.
Book cover: Fly fishing rocky mountain national park
Includes information on what flies work best, when and how seasonal changes, runoff, and insect hatches are likely to affect fishing, tips on fly-tying and casting techniques, and a summary of recommended places to catch brookies, cutthroats, rainbows, and brown trout within the boundaries of the national park.
Book cover: Ivy and Flame
"Ivy, Flame, and the rest of Ruby dorm must find the final piece of the treasure map, which will lead them to the Unicorn's Diamond, but someone else is determined to find it first"--
Book cover: Could you escape the Tower of London?
Your survival depends on making the right choices at key moments when you are eager to escape from the Tower of London.
Book cover: The Green ember
When calamitous events overtake their ordinary lives, Heather and Picket find themselves facing betrayal, tyrants, and threats around every corner.

Space and beyond

As an intergalactic explorer born on a traveling spaceship, the reader has to choose what planet to call home and each decision results in a different encounter with aliens and space creatures.
Book cover: To the gorge
"When Emily Halnon lost her beloved mother to a rare uterine cancer at just sixty-six years old, she wanted to do something monumental to honor the person her mother had been: adventurous, courageous, inspiring. Emily's mom had taken up running in her late forties; she ran her first marathon at fifty. She learned to swim at sixty so she could do triathlons, and she lived through a grim diagnosis with extraordinary joy and strength, still going for long bike rides and walks up until the final weeks before her death. She even went skydiving to celebrate her sixtieth birthday. It...
Book cover: The Lord of the rings
In ancient times the Rings of Power were crafted by the Elven-smiths. Sauron, the Dark Lord, forged the One Ring, filling it with his own power so that he could rule all others. But the One Ring was taken from him, and though he sought it throughout Middle-earth still it remained lost to him. After many ages it fell into the hands of the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. On his eleventy-first birthday, Bilbo disappeared, bequeathing to his young cousin, Frodo, the Ruling Ring, and a perilous quest: to journey across Middle-earth, deep into the shadow of the Dark Lord and destroy...
Book cover: The sunset gates
Heart continues to try to find her real family while protecting her unicorn friends from Lord Dunraven.
Book cover: Jumanji
Left on their own for an afternoon, two bored and restless children find more excitement than they bargained for in a mysterious and mystical jungle adventure board game.
Book cover: The griffin's feather
After learning that the last Pegasus needs help to continue the survival of the species, Ben and the Greenblooms set off to find a griffin feather, but their mission is complicated by the enduring hostilities between the dragon and griffin worlds.
Book cover: Lyra and Misty
Lyra is excited to start school at Unicorn Academy with her unicorn, Misty, but when she and her friends find a piece of a treasure map, they must solve the clues to find the next piece--and the hidden treasure--before someone else does.
Book cover: Wild (DVD)
A chronicle of one woman's 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a recent catastrophe.
Book cover: Migrations
"Franny Stone has always been a wanderer. By following the ocean's tides and the birds that soar above, she can forget the losses that have haunted her life. But when the wild she so loves begins to disappear, Franny can no longer wander without a destination. She arrives in remote Greenland with one purpose: to find the world's last flock of Arctic terns and follow them on their final migration. She convinces Ennis Malone, captain of the Saghani, to take her onboard, winning over his salty, eccentric crew with promises that the birds she is tracking will lead them to...
Book cover: Sydney & Taylor take a flying leap
Determined to be the World's First Flying Hedgehog, Taylor sets out to realize his dream, while Sydney tries to keep him in one piece, in this humorous story that highlights the importance of friendship.
Book cover: River
A woman in a canoe takes the reader on a journey down the Hudson River, from its source, a lake in the Adirondack Mountains, to the point where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean at New York City. Includes a note on the history of the Hudson River.
Book cover: The river
"In snowcapped mountains, among the firs, the north wind blows; something stirs. Through icy water, a small fish darts--this is where her journey starts... Follow a little fish on her epic journey downriver, as she travels into the unknown. As the river winds through mountains, forests and plains the little fish swims on. With stunning artwork and magical 'swimming fish' on every page, this is a book to treasure"--Back cover.
Book cover: Sydney & Taylor and the great friend expedition
Best friends Taylor the hedgehog and Sydney the skunk embark on an adventure to make new friends, but when their attempts lead nowhere, they may need to look where they least expect.
Book cover: Peter Pan and Wendy
The adventures of the three Darling children in Never-Never Land with Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow up.
Book cover: Grandad's camper
A child who enjoys Grandad's stories of his travels and adventures with Gramps persuades him to fix up their old camper and take another trip, in honor of Gramps.
Book cover: In Patagonia
"An exhilarating look at a place that still retains the exotic mystery of a far-off, unseen land, Bruce Chatwin's exquisite account of his journey through Patagonia teems with evocative descriptions, remarkable bits of history, and unforgettable anecdotes. Fueled by an unmistakable lust for life and adventure and a singular gift for storytelling, Chatwin treks through "the uttermost part of the earth"--That stretch of land at the southern tip of South America, where bandits were once made welcome - in search of almost-forgotten legends, the descendants of Welsh immigrants, and the log cabin built by Butch Cassidy."--Jacket.
Book cover: Twenty thousand leagues under the sea
Jules Verne's classic nineteenth-century novel about the adventures of the mysterious Captain Nemo and his unusual submarine.
Book cover: A walk in the park
Kevin Fedarko chronicles his year-long effort to find a 750-mile path along the length of the Grand Canyon, through a vertical wilderness suspended between the caprock along the rims of the abyss and the Colorado River, which flows along its bottom. Accompanying Fedarko through this sublime yet perilous terrain is the award-winning photographer Peter McBride. Together, they encounter long-lost Native American ruins, the remains of Old West prospectors' camps, present day tribal activists, and signs that commercial tourism is impinging on the park's remote wildness.
Book cover: Time cat
Jason and his magic cat Gareth travel through time to visit countries all over the world during different periods of history.
Book cover: The hobbit, or, There and back again
Bilbo Baggins, a respectable, well-to-do hobbit, lives comfortably in his hobbit-hole until the day the wandering wizard Gandalf chooses him to take part in an adventure from which he may never return.
Book cover: Castle Avamir
Heart must figure out a riddle in order to locate Castle Avamir, a possible safe haven for her unicorns, as the Gypsies leave Lord Levin's mountains for Lord Kaybale's lands.
Book cover: The river
"Wynn and Jack have been best friends since freshman orientation, bonded by their shared love of mountains, books, and fishing. Wynn is a gentle giant, a Vermont kid never happier than when his feet are in the water. Jack is smaller, more rugged, raised on a ranch in Colorado where sleeping under the stars and cooking on a fire came as naturally to him as breathing. When they decide to canoe the Maskwa River in Northern Canada, they anticipate long days of leisurely paddles and picking blueberries, and nights of stargazing and paperback western novels. But a wildfire making its...
Book cover: Life of Pi
The precocious 16 year old son of a zookeeper and a bengal tiger named Richard Parker are the only survivors of a shipwreck. In rich, hallucinatory passages, Pi recounts the harrowing journey, adrift in the Pacific Ocean, trapped on a 26-foot lifeboat, as the days blur together, elegantly cataloging the endless passage of time and his struggles to survive.

Journey under the sea

Readers make choices that determine the outcome of the story when, while exploring the seas for the lost continent of Atlantis, they are separated from their diving vessel.
Book cover: Mayflower treasure hunt
When Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose visit Plymouth, Massachusetts for Thanksgiving, they uncover a mystery that dates back to the landing of the Pilgrims.
Book cover: Jungle (DVD)
An enthusiastic young adventurer follows his dreams into the Amazon jungle with two friends and a guide with a mysterious past. Their journey quickly turns into a terrifying ordeal as the darkest elements of human nature and the deadliest threats of the wilderness lead to an all-out fight for survival.
Book cover: The goonies (DVD)
Two kids find a treasure map just as they're about to lose their house. They and their friends go on a search for the treasure, but not without trouble from a few ne'er-do-wells.
Book cover: Could you escape Alcatraz?
Cast as a prisoner in the infamous Alcatraz Penitentiary, the reader's choices determine if escape is possible.
Book cover: Genuine pizza
"Throughout his acclaimed career, chef Michael Schwartz has been celebrated for his skilled use of quality ingredients, and with his pizzas, this talent is on full display. Genuine Pizza is Schwartz's vibrantly illustrated guidebook for creating unforgettable pies at home. His cookbook makes the pizza process approachable and fun, giving the reader the tools they need to make better pizza and then run with them. First providing a clear and simple view of the fundamentals -- with detailed step-by-step methods for making the best pizza doughs -- Schwartz then empowers home cooks to mix and match ingredients, playing with different...
Book cover: True heart
A beguiling story of love and healing in an easy-to-read style, with short sentences and simple words that flow smoothly across the pages. (Booklist)
Book cover: Moonsilver
Heart, a foundling who was discovered five years earlier wrapped in a unicorn-embroidered blanket, finds a pregnant white mare in the woods and struggles to keep her and her colt safe and well.
Book cover: Tough broad
"Caroline Paul has always filled her life with adventure: From mountain biking in the Bolivian Andes to pitching a tent, mid-blizzard, on Denali, she has never been a stranger to the exhilaration the outdoors can hold. Yet through it all, she has long wondered, Why aren't women, like men, encouraged to keep adventuring into old age? Tough broad is her quest to understand not just how to live a dynamic life in a changing body, but why we must. She dives deep into the current research on aging, and highlights the results with the stories of women like ninety-three- year-old...
Book cover: The Aurelia curse
Ben, Firedrake, and the Greenblooms must protect Aurelia, the most fabulous and powerful creature of all, who can bring either light or darkness to whomever it first meets.
Book cover: Crepes
Make perfectly thin crepes every time with this pan-style electric crepe griddle: just dip the griddle into the included batter bowl. Contents: Nutrichef crepe griddle and batter bowl, whisk, spatula, measuring cups, Crepes: 50 Savory and Sweet Recipes (book), manual, tote, kit tag
Book cover: Hatchet
Headed for Canada to visit his father for the first time since his parents' divorce, thirteen-year-old Brian is the sole survivor of a plane crash, with only the clothes he has on and a hatchet to help him live in the wilderness.

A journey to the center of the earth

Three explorers enter a volcano and head toward the center of the earth, encountering storms, prehistoric animals, vast underground seas and fierce cavemen.
Book cover: The silver bracelet
While on the run from Lord Dunraven, Moonsilver and Heart join a troupe of minstrels where the unicorn is seen as an act, but when the truth is revealed Heart and Moonsilver must move on to find another place where they can be safe.
Book cover: Freya & Zoose
Freya, a penguin, and Zoose, a mouse, become friends while both are stowaways on Salomon August Andrée's 1897 hot air balloon expedition to the North Pole.
Book cover: The last kids on Earth.
An anthology of six original Last Kids short stories, designed to bridge the gap between books 6 and 7, features contributions by prominent graphic artists and finds Jack and his friends spinning yarns about their over-the-top post-apocalyptic adventures.
Book cover: Jurassic Park (DVD)
A wealthy man has created an island amusement park filled with dinosaurs cloned from fossilized DNA. When he invites experts to endorse it, nature takes over.

Around the world in 80 days

In 1872, in order to win a gentleman's wager, Phineas Fogg must circumnavigate the globe in a mere 80 days.
Book cover: Race forever
The story of a dangerous car race through the jungle of Africa is designed so that the reader can determine the course of the action.
Book cover: The Secret Explorers and the lost whales
The Secret Explorers jump into action to save a pod of humpback whales, but when Connor and Roshini's submarine malfunctions, the explorers could be the ones in trouble.
Book cover: Stranger in a strange land (SF)
A young man from Mars comes to Earth & must learn our strange ways. Annotation. One of the greatest science fiction novels ever published, Stranger in a Strange Land's original manuscript had 50,000 words cut. Now they have been reinstated for this special 30th anniversary trade edition. A Mars-born earthling arrives on this planet for the first time as an adult, and the sensation he creates teaches Earth some unforgettable lessons. "A brilliant mind-bender".--Kurt Vonnegut
Book cover: The sun is a compass
Documents the biologist adventurer's treks in the vast wilderness region spanning the Pacific rainforest through the Alaskan Arctic, where she and her husband tested their physical boundaries while making profound natural-world connections.
Book cover: Indiana Jones and the dial of destiny (DVD)
Daredevil archaeologist Indiana Jones races against time to retrieve a legendary dial that can change the course of history. Accompanied by his goddaughter, he soon finds himself squaring off against J©?rgen Voller, a former Nazi who works for NASA.
Book cover: Deer hunt
"Sami is excited about her family's trip to bow hunt deer in Colorado. Sami gets a perfect shot! But the deer runs off and Sami slips down a cliff while tracking it. Seb helps her scale the cliff's wall and continue the search. Will Sami find her deer?"--Back cover.
Book cover: Apollo 13 (DVD)
Based on the true story of the ill-fated 13th Apollo mission bound for the moon, 1970. Stranded 205,000 miles from Earth in a crippled spacecraft, astronauts Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert fight a desperate battle to survive. Meanwhile, at Mission Control, astronaut Ken Mattingly, flight director Gene Kranz and a heroic ground crew race against time, and the odds, to bring them home.
Book cover: The river
On a wilderness canoe trip in Northern Canada, best friends Jack and Wynn find their survival skills and longtime friendship tested by a wildfire, white-water hazards, and two mysterious strangers.
Book cover: Origami: Next Level
Ready for an origami challenge? Learn how to fold lively, organic animals, amazing modular kusudama balls, and upcycled creations made from household scraps. Contents: The Encyclopedia of Origami Techniques (book), Kusudama Origami (book), Trash Origami (book)(DVD) – zipper case -- kit tag – pack of origami paper (refill)
Book cover: Ship breaker
In a futuristic world, teenaged Nailer scavenges copper wiring from grounded oil tankers for a living, but when he finds a beached clipper ship with a girl in the wreckage, he has to decide if he should strip the ship for its wealth or rescue the girl.
Book cover: The mountains of the moon
With Lord Dunraven in pursuit and Heart desperate to find a safe location to hide her beloved unicorns, she begins a search for her real family, convinced that with that knowledge she will be able to save her friends.
Book cover: Indiana Jones and the last crusade (DVD)
Indiana Jones and his father go in search of the Holy Grail, battling Nazis along the way.
Book cover: The secret explorers and the tomb robbers
"Gustavo (history expert) and Kiki (engineering expert) are set the mission of stopping the Cairo Museum from closing down. They travel back in time to Ancient Egypt and are soon drawn into a tense, thrilling adventure that involves breaking into pyramids, learning ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and stopping thieves hoping to rob all the treasure from the Pharaoh's tomb"--
Book cover: Out There
Out There chronicles fringe athletes, fitness freaks, and others obsessed by ill-advised dreams. It takes us to far-flung places no sane person would want to go. Longtime readers have come to understand that Outside's true gift is in chronicling misadventure. That's the common thread among the stories found in Out There-those memorable tales that begin with the promise that, even if no one's life is necessarily hanging in the balance, something may go horribly awry at any moment, and that documenting this misfortune will inevitably yield rich comedic material or a surprisingly poignant moment. Or sometimes both. Out There chronicles...
Book cover: Jumanji (Blu-ray)
When young Alan Parrish discovers a mysterious board game, he doesn't realize its unimaginable powers, until he is magically transported before the startled eyes of his friend, Sarah, into the untamed jungles of Jumanji! There he remains for 26 years until he is freed from the game's spell by two unsuspecting children. Now a grown man, Alan reunites with Sarah and together with Judy and Peter tries to outwit the game's powerful forces.
Book cover: Origami
Contents: Incredible Origami (book) – Master the Art of Origami (book) – zipper case -- kit tag – pack of origami paper (refill)
Book cover: Between two kingdoms
An Emmy Award-winning writer and activist describes the harrowing years she spent in early adulthood fighting leukemia and how she learned to live again while forging connections with other survivors of profound illness and suffering.
Book cover: Dragon rider
After learning that humans are headed toward his hidden home, Firedrake, a silver dragon, is joined by a brownie and an orphan boy in a quest to find a legendary valley, known as the Rim of Heaven, while being pursued by an old enemy.
Book cover: Evie and Sunshine
Even though Evie and her unicorn Sunshine may be a bit clumsy, they can still help their friends look for a hidden treasure, but when strange accidents begin happening at the school, they wonder if someone else is out to find the treasure too.
Book cover: The kindness diaries
"The incredible journey of one man who sets out to circumnavigate the globe on a vintage motorbike fueled by kindness. Follow the inspirational journey of a former stockbroker who leaves his unfulfilling desk job in search of a meaningful life. He sets out from Los Angeles on a vintage motorbike, determined to circumnavigate the globe surviving only on the kindness of strangers. Incredibly, he makes his way across the U.S., through Europe, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and finally to Canada and back to the Hollywood sign, by asking strangers for shelter, food, and gas. Again and again, he's won over...
Book cover: The bear's sea escape
Still looking for a place to hibernate, Papa Bear follows Baby Bear to a cruise ship, and winds up on a tropical island.
Book cover: Could you escape the Paris catacombs?
Your survival depends on making the right choices at key moments when you are lost in the catacombs of Paris.
Book cover: Adventures of the wilderness family (DVD)
"An inspiring and modern story about a family's search for a healthier way of life. Skip Robinson, his wife Pat and their two young children begin an incredible journey when they make the decision to move from a big city to a remote area of the Rocky Mountains. In the wilderness they encounter new challenges with wildlife and life-thratening events that can only occur when you live far away from civilization. The Robinsons learn to overcome obstacles with courage and strength..."--Container.
Book cover: The Explorers Club
"Discover the extraordinary history and thrilling frontiers of exploration with this gorgeously illustrated guide from The Explorers Club, the historic and esteemed home of the world's most prominent explorers"--
Book cover: The mystery of the pirate's treasure
When the Code Busters visit the Carmel Mission, a series of coded messages sets them on the hunt for long-hidden pirate treasure.
Book cover: A true account
"In Boston, as the Golden Age of Piracy comes to a bloody close, Hannah Masury - bound out to service at a waterfront inn since childhood - is ready to take her life into her own hands. When a man is hanged for piracy in the town square and whispers of a treasure in the Caribbean spread, Hannah is forced to flee for her life, disguising herself as a cabin boy in the pitiless crew of the notorious pirate Edward "Ned" Low. To earn the freedom to choose a path for herself, Hannah must hunt down the treasure and change...
Book cover: Fly fishing
"Seb is pretty excited about his brand new fishing pole for the family's camping and fishing trip in Wyoming's Wind River Range. While fly fishing the Sweetwater River, Sami and Seb become trapped by a flash flood and are rescued by a park ranger. But a raging river separates them from their parents. Aligned to Common Core standards and correlated to state standards. Calico is an imprint of Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO"--
Book cover: Sienna and Sparkle
With the map complete and one riddle between them and the treasure, Sienna, her Unicorn Sparkle, and their friends must race to find the treasure, and Sparkle's magic, before the end of the year.
Book cover: The secret explorers and the Jurassic rescue
"Dinosaur expert Tamiko and geology expert Cheng travel back to the age of the dinosaurs in an effort to rescue a dinosaur egg from destruction. However, to save the egg, the Secret Explorers first have to use all their courage and skills to outsmart a fierce Allosaurus, rescue a baby Stegosaurus, and find a way to attract an Archaeopteryx. Tamiko and Cheng soon find that, to succeed, they need to come up with some unusual solutions"--
Book cover: The secret explorers and the comet collision
The secret explorers jump into action to fix a space probe that is orbiting Jupiter before a comet can destroy the planet, as they dodge astroids and attempt dangerous spacewalks to complete their mission.
Book cover: Finn and the time-traveling pajamas
After sixty years of trying to stop the Paradox and set the universe right again, Finn time-travels to get help from his nine-year-old self.
Book cover: Saturday pizzas from the Ballymaloe Cookery School
Artisan pizzas with delicious, seasonally inspired toppings are the focus of this exciting new book co-authored by the pioneer of Saturday Pizzas, and one of Ireland's most prestigious food writers. Saturday Night Pizzas started as a small pop-up restaurant at the famous Ballymaloe Cookery School. The idea was such a success that the pop-up pizzeria has been going for nearly 10 years, and is considered something of an institution within Ireland. Due to high demand, Saturday Pizzas also sell their pizzas into local shops too. The man behind this thriving enterprise shares his secrets for making exceptional pizza in 90...
Book cover: The travel hack handbook
''This practical and inspiring guide, the latest in our popular 'Handbook' series, provides travellers with tips and tricks to make their money go further. As the cost of living and travel increases, Lonely Planet's experts reveal the best ways to bag a bargain, whether it's booking transport, a hotel or finding experiences that won't break the bank''--
Book cover: Origami airplanes
Features designs for simple airplanes made with origami paper and folds, and presents game ideas that test the speed, distance, and accuracy of a paper airplane launch.
Book cover: Shinji Takahashi
Thirteen-year-old Shinji and his S.E.A. cohorts travel to a forgotten island in Polynesia in search of a lost culture.
Book cover: The trumpet of terror
You, the reader, decide which way the story will go when you are asked to help free the Norse gods from the spell of the evil and greedy witch who is tormenting them.
Book cover: Watership down
Now in a graphic novel format, this classic tale of survival, hope, courage and friendship, which has been inspiring readers for more than 50 years, will delight old and new fans alike.
Book cover: Into Siberia
"After returning to the United States, Kennan set out to generate public outrage over the plight of the exiles, writing the renowned Siberia and the Exile System. He then went on a nine-year lecture tour to describe the suffering of the Siberian exiles, intensifying the newly emerging diplomatic conflicts between the two countries which last to this day. In a book that ranks with the greatest adventure stories, Gregory Wallance's Into Siberia is a thrilling work of history about one man's harrowing journey and the light it shone on some of history's most heinous human rights abuses"--
Book cover: The mountain between us
Stranded in a frigid mountain wilderness after a plane crash, a gifted surgeon and a young magazine writer are forced to rely on each other for survival while confronting painful truths about their personal lives.
Book cover: The throne of Zeus
"Magically transported back to ancient Greece by the goddess Athena, the reader must brave a host of perils to find Zeus, the king of Olympus, in a multiple-plot adventure based on the ancient Greek myths"--Amazon.
Book cover: Dear Bob and Sue
"Dear Bob and Sue chronicles the journey of Matt and Karen Smith, who took a mid-career break to travel to all 58 U.S. National Parks. Written as a series of emails to their friends, Bob and Sue, they describe their sense of awe in exploring our national parks, and share humorous and quirky observations"--
Book cover: A suffragist's guide to the Antarctic
In 1914 England, eighteen-year-old American Clara lies about her age and citizenship to land a coveted spot on an Antarctic expedition, but when the crew is marooned on an ice floe, Clara's mission to advance the women's suffrage movement takes a back seat to survival.
Book cover: The big book of pizza.
"Make 75 amazing pizzas at home with foolproof dough recipes, super-fun topping combos, and tips and tricks and shortcuts from the pros in the Food Network Kitchen"--
Book cover: Trashed!
After Arthur finds a chipped teacup on a shelf at his family's store, he embarks on an adventure involving stolen jewels, a treacherous friendship, prairie dogs, and even the ghost of a pet mouse.
Book cover: Jumanji (DVD)
When Allen Parrish discovers a mysterious board game, he doesn't realize its unimaginable powers until he is magically tranported into the untamed jungles of Jumanji! There he remains for 26 years until he is freed from the game's spell by two unsuspecting children. Now a grown man, Alan must outwit the game's powerful forces before any insoluble problems occur.
Book cover: The guide
"The bestselling author of The River returns with a heart-racing thriller about a young man who, escaping his own grief, is hired by an elite fishing lodge in Colorado where amid the natural beauty of sun-drenched streams and forests he uncovers a plot of shocking menace"--
Book cover: Über origami
"132 great projects include: butterfly, elephant, vulture, cockatoo, seahorse, blue shark, octopus, giraffe, orangutan, rattlesnake, hippopotamus, stegosauraus [sic], cyclops, mermaid, unicorn, vampire bat, rodeo cowboy, Abraham Lincoln, Apache helicopter, aircraft carrier, carrier jet, Christmas candle, alien, spaceship, halloween skull, and many more!"--
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